The RHS Show Cardiff 2017

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Every year in April, thousands upon thousands of flower-lovers everywhere flock to see the Royal Horticultural Society’s display of blooms in Cardiff. Spanning over 3 days, this fun-filled, fabulous festival of flowers is thriving and let me assure you, it’s never been better.

The collection of beautiful blooms on display over the past few days has been astounding; with bright, colourful flowers filling marquees and spreading sunshine into the hearts of Welsh men and women. Luscious Lillies, pretty Peonies, gorgeous Geraniums, darling Dahlias and cute Chrysanthemums are just a few examples of the hundreds of flower types on display this weekend. All of the flowers at this show are well placed and each bring a sweet scent as well as a new and refreshing feel to spring in Wales. This festival is the perfect opportunity to buy some good quality, affordable plants for your loved ones or as a treat for yourself. If only the show had come to Cardiff a bit closer to Mother’s day…

As well as there being a vast collection of flowers shown at this festival of horticulture, a multitude of crafts and artistry is also available for purchase. Floods of different homemade trinkets, decorations and paintings fill the shelves and make you extremely jealous of their maker’s artistic ability. The quality of crafty-goods at this year’s festival has arisen when compared with previous years’, with a much more modern approach to art shining through. I was fortunate enough to come across lots of pretty paintings which were thoroughly to my taste (soon to be my bedroom’s also) and consequently, I can’t help but adore this festival’s thriving, crafting community. There’s a craft for everyone at the RHS’ horticultural festival and, to me, that is extremely endearing.

Another key (and extremely popular) aspect of the RHS’ show in Cardiff has got to be the extraordinary eats available. In my humble opinion, the food is phenomenal at this flower festival and should be praised; for its quality and taste-value is extremely high. From fabulous fudge to perfect pies, the array of delicious delights I’ve had the pleasure of feasting upon today has been jaw dropping. Notably, Alana Spencer, winner of The Apprentice 2016 and creator of the ‘Ridiculously Rich’ bakes, has been frequently spotted at her stall in this year’s festival. Needless to say, if successful and talented chefs are attending the show, you don’t want to miss out on next year’s RHS food stalls.

In general, the Royal Horticultural Society’s flower festival in Cardiff is not something worth missing out on. It’s family-friendly, beautiful and welcoming nature leaves attendees feeling fresh and extremely excited about spring! I highly recommend you attending this flower-filled festival in April next year and marvelling at the delights on display, as I have.



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