Get Reading During The Winter Of Wellbeing

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Did you know that reading has a positive impact on your wellbeing? Even if you haven’t picked up a book in years, the Winter of Wellbeing is a great chance for you to explore reading and improve your wellbeing.

What is the Winter of Wellbeing?

During The Winter Of Wellbeing, public libraries in Wales are working with The Reading Agency to show the positive impacts that reading can have on wellbeing.

They want to introduce children and young people to reads that lift your mood, open new doors, take you to different places, start new conversations, connect you to new groups and friends and to fabulous opportunities right where you live that will make you and the future feel better.

How can reading improve your wellbeing?

There are many benefits to reading, and during the Winter Of Wellbeing, we hope you’re able to experience them yourself. Reading can:

  • Improve your confidence
  • Reduce stress and help you feel more calm
  • Be an escape from reality
  • Increase creativity
  • Help us understand our emotions better
  • Improve vocabularly so you’re more able to explain how you feel
  • Relaxe us
  • Reduce boredom
  • Improve focus
  • Keep you in touch with emotions
  • Help you feel understood by characters experiencing similar things
  • Act as a voice if you don’t feel heard
  • Help you find new interests and hobbies
  • Connect you to others

How can you get involved?

All the information about events and how to get involved in the Winter of Wellbeing can be found here. The site will be updated between now and March 2022 with things to do.

Some cool things to get you started include being able to nominate a book to be added to a list of books that helped children and young people’s wellbeing across Wales. Nominate the feel-good book you’d like them to shout about by 24 January.

You could also enter this competition to either create a one-of-a-kind artwork or poster that promotes your favourite mood-boosting read, or write a book review.

Visit TheSprout’s mental health information page for a list of local support services as well as useful blogs, and videos.

If you need someone to talk to, talk to Meic. Meic is the free helpline service for children and young people up to the age of 25 in Wales. Contact them confidentially in Welsh or English between 8AM to midnight, 7 days a week.

Freephone: 0808 80 23456

Text Message: 84001

Online chat:

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