Everything you need to know about Cardiff’s NEW 30 Minute Society.

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Where Will You Be In Half An Hour?

This September, thousands of wide-eyed students will be descending onto Freshers’ Fairs around the country. You know the drill: navigate through crowded halls and stock up on as many Dominos vouchers and goody bags as you can. But Cardiff is a city full of surprises, so why not join a society that surprises you? That’s where we come in, the brand-new 30 Minute Society.

Cardiff Uni students are in for a treat- but don’t forget anyone can join the Students Union!

What Is It?

The 30 Minute Society is dedicated to bringing people together who love spontaneity, discovering new things, and experiencing all the weird and wonderful sides there are to Cardiff. We’ve been busy all summer organising mystery socials for our members, providing a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic events – whether you’re into tea or tequila our society has you covered! But there’s a catch: our members only find out where the socials are, and what they are, 30 minutes before they start.

How it works

Half an hour before each social begins you’ll receive a text and a message on social media, detailing when and where the social is; but that’s where the simplicity ends!

From that moment you have exactly half an hour to get to the designated meeting point before the social starts, but make sure you’re not late, as there will be forfeits for latecomers (we promise they’re not too nasty!). It’s not all bad though, the earliest students will also receive a prize, so get your running shoes ready!

Just so the socials aren’t a complete mystery, each week you’ll receive a riddle which will help you on your way to figuring out our mystery social. These could take many different forms, and will be on our Facebook page as well as messaged to members, so keep your eyes peeled!

Each text is to be followed by a mad dash to the location within.

But Does It Really Work?

You may be thinking “Will this actually work?” and “Are people really going to make it to a social in just half an hour?” The answer is yes! We aren’t the first people to start a society with mystery socials, our friends at the 20 minute society over in Newcastle are their university’s most popular society! Amongst other things they’ve organised mystery holidays to Budapest, Krakow, and Rimini, and held a mystery masked ball with surprise entertainment! You can check out their Facebook page to get a sense of some of the great stuff they’re doing:

Newcastle’s 20 minute society have been smashing it for years now.

How Can I Sign Up?

Come and meet us at the freshers fayre! We’ll be signing members up all day and will have all sorts of fun activities and freebies at our stall! If you can’t make it to the fayre you can message us on social media and like our Facebook page for updates on socials and all sorts of other fun stuff!

Our social links are:

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/30MinSoc/

Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/389126608250697/

Instagram: @30minsoc #CUINSEPTEMBER

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