Embracing Laziness

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So, we are on lockdown and in a situation that we have never been in before, and it looks like it’s going to continue for at least the next few weeks and the government may not ease the restrictions for the next few months.

All of this has led to people picking up new hobbies, finishing chores and trying new things while indoors.

Whether you plan to finish your set of books that hasn’t been touched for months, getting fit by introducing a new exercise plan, learn a new instrument, write a book or clean and decorate your home.

It is great to see people using this opportunity to up their productivity game and seeing people do lots of new activities and get things done but make no mistake, that does not have to be you and it is completely fine if you just want to chill and take things slow because it is vital we take this time to rest, reflect and appreciate because your well-being is the most important factor to consider.

There is NO right way to be or feel right now in these strange times.

Use this opportunity to give yourselves plenty of time to recover from all the pressure life has, to take things slow and for your body and mind to relax.

Have the chance to reflect on your life and day to day things , use this as a chance to ask what is that you want to leave, learn, try out whether that’s career-wise or in your personal life whilst in this quarantine. When it is eventually over you can finally appreciate things, whether that’s talking more with your family and friends and catching up with them or showing gratitude to the vital workers our country relies on or just being grateful for being healthy and safe, it is important to try and appreciate the little things in your life.

So, I hope everyone stays safe and looks after themselves during this period and if you wanted to find out more information about looking after your well-being, check out theSprout’s info pages.

Photo by Luca Upper on Unsplash
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