Be a Superhero!

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Did you know that you have superpowers? You might not be able to fly or have super strength, but you can do something much more important.

This is your chance to help out hundreds of other children and young people, from home. So, yes, you really can be a superhero!

Grab your special cape

You can help by telling the Children, Young People and Education Committee how your life has changed (or hasn’t changed) since the start of the coronavirus outbreak.

They’ve got a (long) list of questions, but you don’t have to answer them all. They want you to answer as many as you like, in any order and in as much detail as you want. You can answer in Welsh or in English, and ask a grown up to help if you need to.

What do they want to know?

• What’s changed in your life?

What do you miss most about school? If you are still going to school, how is it different to before? What’s it like being at home more?

• How do you feel inside? Are you tired, scared, worried or confused? Who do you talk to about these feelings?

• How do you feel in your body? Are you doing exercise, like PE with Joe Wicks? Do you get to go outside much?

• It’s nice to carry on learning even though schools are closed. Are you doing schoolwork at home? What sort of things are you learning about and are there adults helping you?

• Do you think grown-ups are listening to your views and feelings at the moment?

• It’s important to know what’s happening in times like this. Where do you get information at the moment – the internet, teachers, friends, parents or somewhere else?

• Some of us have extra help at school or outside school. Are you still able to get this help now that you’re at home?

You can send your answers to this email address: and the committee will use your answers to help children across Wales.

And then it’s time to think about how to improve your other superpowers…

Photo by Yogi Purnama on Unsplash

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