Celebrating Success: Barnardo’s Support Service for Young Families

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Barnardo’s Support Service for Young Families (SSYF) does exactly what its name implies.

Are you are a parent or expectant parent under 25 in Cardiff? Then SSYF are here to help you.

TheSprout met Carina from SSYF last year to find out about the great work they do in Cardiff with young families.

They offer a range of support that includes:

  • Parent programmes – Parent Nurturing Programme and precious moments
  • Welcome to the World – for expectant parents to prepare for birth
  • Groups to support parents back into education, training and employment
  • Groups around topics such as sexual health, confidence building, arts and crafts, smoking cessation, healthy eating, budgeting etc.
  • 1-2-1 support to get parents ready for groups if lacking in confidence and to support with achieving goals. We can also offer parenting support on a 1-2-1 basis where necessary.

We thought it’s about time we’d catch up with SSYF. This time around however, we thought we’d speak with some of the people who use SSYF to find out about their experiences of using the service.

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We’ve changed the names to respect people’s privacy.

Amy: “I probably wouldn’t be alive.”

Amy was diagnosed with postnatal depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. Amy’s GP referred her to SSYF to help her get the support she needed and she found the service extremely quick in responding to her needs.

“Very supportive, very friendly, very accommodating.”

“It has giving me more confidence [as a first time mother].”

“I probably wouldn’t be alive if they weren’t there to support me.”

“They’re a wonderful group of people who are just there to help. They show understanding, empathy and are non-judgmental.”

The only downside of using SSYF was that the group sessions required people to attend all of them and when some people consistently didn’t attend, some sessions had to be cancelled.

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Jo: “They’ve been absolutely amazing.”

Jo was withdrawn and not getting out as much due to loss of confidence, feeling unstable and being uncomfortable as a young mum. She had 3-weeks-old baby when her health visitor referred her to SSYF.

“I was nervous at first, attending group sessions, yet soon I felt so welcome and comfortable going there.”

“I now feel comfortable going out and doing things.”

“I couldn’t have gone through it without them.”

“They’ve been absolutely amazing, very supportive, friendly.”

“The impact they’ve had has been massive, more than people can understand… They helped a lot through the bad times. They were always there for me.”

Jo now feels, “Confident, stable and independent as a young mum and I have more confidence to talk to people.” As a result, Jo has started volunteering with Barnardo’s.

Barnardo’s Support Service for Young Families is at Ely Family Centre, on Grand Avenue in Ely, Cardiff. You can contact them on 02920 577074.

SSYF is part of Families First in Cardiff

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