#AB2016: Poem: I Admire You…

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You never questioned why it might be you,
who they teased and tortured each day.
You always ignored it, you were never blue,
refused to hide and run away.

I admired your strength and determination,
how could you ever hold back a punch?
When they belittled you with no imagination,
you took the bullet, took the crunch.

When they called you over and called you names,
there was nothing you had to say.
You embarrassed them and spoiled their games,
you just said “excuse me”, if they got in your way.

Is that alright though, to just sit back,
when there was so much that could have been done?
I could have called out if they tried to attack.
But then again, you hit no one and always won.

I think they moved in as naive and mean,
you seemed un-fazed by the whole thing.
No words can harm you, or so it’s how it would seem.
I love your always, cheery ring.

I’m jealous, it’s true, that I can’t be the same,
please help me to speak up more.
I’m sure one day they’ll see I’m not so lame,
‘cause from now on, you’ll hear me roar.

Originally published by archifCLICarchive on 16/04/10. Republished as part of Anti-Bullying Week 2016.



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