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“I wish I could do that” Tommy said out loud,
staring at the eagle, watching it soar.
Tommy watched in amazement, engrossed in this predator,
longing not to be weak, be the prey any more.

He hides it well under his clothes, the bruises and scars,
this week’s additions; a fag burn and a kick.
He’s worn down by it now, it’s eating away at him,
trying to avoid school, pretending to be sick.

The perceived solitude is his heaven,
no one to harm him here, just appreciate nature’s beauty,
a place where he can be happy,
and the bullying is nothing but a repressed memory.

The eagle is still gliding, Tommy’s still entranced,
a mesmerised look upon his worn out face, no more fear.
For the outsiders, the bullied and the loners too,
nothing gives them happiness quite like here.

We all have places to go when we’re in a mess,
a place you feel safe in, a place that no one else knows,
such as Tommy’s idyllic hillside,
the place he forgets his day to day woes.

Poem originally published by gesture on 25/04/10. Republished as part of Anti-Bullying Week 2016.

Sub-editor’s note: This November, share your advice, experiences, news, creative writing… whatever… about anti-bullying and TheSprout will give you Time Credits to spend in Cardiff! Submit here

If you would like to talk to anyone about bullying or other things, please contact Meic, the national information, advice and advocacy helpline for 0-25s in Wales. You can contact Meic by phone (080880 23456), text (84001), instant message (www.meic.cymru) or email (help@meic.cymru) between 8am and midnight.

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Image credit: Welsh hills by Jayt74 via flickr cc

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