4 Peer Education: The Low-down

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Are you:

1. A member of Girlguiding Cymru?

2. Seeking to develop your interpersonal and empathy skills?

3. Over the age of 14?

If the answer to at least 2 of these questions is ‘Yes’ then becoming a Peer Educator may be the right path for you.

Around about 3 weeks ago, 30 other Girlguides and I attended a 4 Peer Education training weekend in Broneirion. Upon hearing about the numerous benefits that it could bring to my community, (and CV and university applications, of course) I jumped at the chance and let me tell you, I have never regretted anything less!

For those people that don’t know what Peer Education is, according to Girlguiding’s website…

“4 Peer Education is Girlguiding’s innovative programme that trains members of The Senior Section to empower themselves and others to make a difference in the lives of girls throughout the UK”

To expand upon that further, Peer Education is when members of the senior section (Girlguides between the ages of 14-18) go into Brownie or Guide meetings and discuss topics with the young women which some guide leaders would find uncomfortable talking about, such as body image or self harm.

Each training weekend focuses on one of 2 specific topics. The one that I was trained in, ‘Think Resilient’, focused on the techniques and importance of keeping your mind strong in difficult times. During the training, I experienced first hand what a Peer Education session would be like, learnt the way to engage and talk to younger children about difficult topics and put my training into practice through giving my own session to a group of, rather naughty I must say, Brownies (or leaders that were pretending to be Brownies…)

As well as the numerous number of skills gained through attending one of these training weekends, you also make a whole bunch of new and compatible friends. The amount of fun I had meeting new people during the training was immense and I cannot wait to see them all again.

So, if you would like to become a Peer Educator, please head over to the Girlguiding website.

and submit an email regarding the next Peer Education training weekend. You can also head over to Peer Education’s various social media accounts and get in touch there.

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/4PeerEducation

Twitter: https://twitter.com/4PeerEd

I hope that you will soon be trained up and ready to become a Peer Educator. I can assure you, you won’t regret it.



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