How to get a ‘proper’ job: Becoming a creative worker in 2020

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It’s really hard to find a job in 2020. The job market is saturated and lots of sectors are making job cuts due to the pandemic, instead of hiring. It’s estimated that there has been a reduction of job vacancies by 65% compared to the same period last year. 


It’s particularly difficult for young people hoping to work within the creative industry, with reduced offerings of work experience and internships, too. However, don’t lose hope just yet! There is loads of help that you can find online about how to land yourself a job that you love in the creative industry. 


Creative Cardiff is pleased to announce that a new episode of the How To Get A ‘Proper’ Job podcast is now live. In the fourth episode of season two of Get A ‘Proper’ Job, host Kayleigh Mcleod chats to Ali Abdi, Partnership Manager for Community Gateway, and recent graduate from the School of Journalism, Media and Culture, Alexia Barrett about the transition from young creative to a creative worker.


The podcast lasts approximately 30-minutes and shares many useful hints and tips including upskilling with CPD courses and how to successfully network with potential employers and colleagues.  


You can listen on Apple, Spotify or search for ‘Get A Proper Job’ on your podcast platform of choice. You can also listen on the Creative Cardiff website.

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