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August in Cardiff is always rich on music and art events. This year Cardiffians got especially excited for the Bank Holiday Monday, as it brought us not one but two fantastic cultural celebrations: Pride Weekend, and HUB Festival.

TheSprout covered the last year’s HUB Fest, and we were more than excited to experience the Hub magic again.

Keep reading to find out what the festival was like this year, and what we thought made it special in 2017.

Despite the Circumstances

Since last summer Womanby St. has been through a lot. The events of Save Womanby Street Campaign still feel fresh, and some of us were wondering if and in what way this was going to affect this year’s music events. It’s safe to say that when the news came of the HUB Fest 2017 we all felt somewhat relieved.

So what’s so special about this live music, arts and culture festival and why you should try and make sure you don’t miss out on this experience next year?

What Made HUB Festival 2017 Special

1. The Diversity of Music Acts

Every year, HUB gathers more than 200 performers over 12 stages across the weekend. The festival is famous thanks to the local music stars who never fail to prepare something special for the audience.

This year, some the festival’s headliners were Gung Ho, Milk, Junior Bill, Afro Cluster, Johnny Cage & the Voodoo-Groove.

2. The Street Vibe

Hub 2016

Womanby street is the top destination for those looking for music diversity on a normal day, but HUB Fest transforms it into a truly creative mecca. All thanks to the variety of acts scheduled: from street poetry to improvisation, to outdoor silent disco parties.

3. It’s Not Just Music

However, the festival’s diversity doesn’t end with spoken word performances. This year the street was also rich on street food trucks, adding a little extra to the festival’s atmosphere. It’s almost like the organizers were playing on all audience’s senses, or at least most of them: sight, hearing, smell, and taste.

4. Affordable Price

This year, the wristbands came at £25 adult and £10 youth for the whole three days (and nights) of music and entertainment. You could also purchase a one-day ticket for Saturday or Sunday for just £10 adult or £7 youth.

5. HUB vs. Pride

For better or for worse, one more thing that made this year’s HUB special was timing. The weekend that HUB Festival was scheduled for was also a Pride weekend for Cardiff. That meant that Cardiffians were forced to choose between the two equally exciting events. Luckily for everyone, both festivals ran over three days, giving people a chance to enjoy both of them.

The Big Question

With this year’s success, it looks like the Hub Festival will be returning to Cardiff next year.

Have you been to the Hub Festival before? What was your favourite thing about Hub 2017? Please, share your thoughts with us in the comments below!


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