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Our coverage of Sziget Festival this year wouldn’t be complete without a short photo-summary of the week’s events.

Here’s the photo report from one of the biggest European music festivals of the year, brought to you by theSprout reporters.

Sziget Beach

Sziget Festival is famous for their variety of venues and decorations. Our top pick is Sziget Beach — a place where you could relax and recharge after some late-night dancing. And who could resist having a lie down under these stunning lights colourful ornaments?

Sziget 25th Anniversary

A large part of the festival was dedicated to its 25th Birthday celebration. Thousands of Szitizens were wearing party hats and waving Sziget flags. And of course, there was a birthday cake.

Stay Adventurous

For those looking for an extra dose of adrenaline, Sziget organizers put bungee jumping facilities in place. However, if you’re not into the idea of free falling but still want a little taste of height, you could go for the Sky Bar experience and enjoy a drink while looking at the festival site instead.

Be Yourself

One amazing thing about going to a summer festival is that it’s a free space where you can be whatever you want. Bring last year’s Halloween costume, an inflatable unicorn, or just try on a different style — all is allowed.

The Main Stage

Behold the Main Stage, the very centre of things at Sziget Festival.

It’s Picture Time

Speaking about being in the centre of things, as Press members we were allowed to go into photo pits and take close-up pictures of the bands and audience in the front rows. Or of the fellow photographers.

Although we were only allowed to stay in a photo pit for the first 3 songs of the band only, we managed to capture the essence of some gigs. Like this truly insane concert of a popular Russian rock band Leningrad.

Enchanted Luminarium

One of the most magical venues at this year’s Sziget Festival was a place called Luminarium. All made of the thinnest plastic, it made for a truly fascinating and special spot for relaxing from the constant loud music and the high pace of the festival.

Farewell Sziget

Like all good things, Sziget Festival was over way too soon. The good news is, the festival season is far from over! Keep an eye on our website for more exciting updates from music and art events from theSprout reporters.


Things To Do

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