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Amelia, a young candidate for the Welsh Youth Parliament, urges you to register to vote!

Why should you vote?

Registering to vote in the Welsh Youth Parliament is the best way for you to have a say on important issues.

Amelia, a candidate for this year’s election says “I am running for Cardiff West in the Youth Welsh Parliament and would urge everyone in Wales aged 11-18 to register to vote before Friday, November 12 to have their say on the issues that affect them”.

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Why is the Welsh Youth Parliament important?

Amelia shared that she feels strongly that as young people in Wales “we should have a say in issues that largely affect us. It makes me angry that older members of the Government have been speaking for us – now it’s time for us to find our voices and speak for ourselves”.

What is Amelia campaigning for?

“I plan to connect with you, the young people of Cardiff West, through social media, schools, and youth groups”.

“You should vote for me because I’m passionate about politics, I have a lot of big ideas about the world we live in and I want to use my voice to change things for the better”.

“I have two years of experience on my school council (and spent one year serving as chair). I am currently leading a campaign to end sexual harassment in schools”.

“I am a confident public speaker and am good at voicing my opinion in a calm, clear fashion. I am a good listener and will always listen to you because what you have to say is the most important thing to me. I promise to always act in your best interests and do everything in my power to improve your life as a young person in Wales”.

“If I am successful, I will fight to end sexual harassment in schools, for better child mental health services, and for additional gender-neutral bathrooms in schools”.

How can you register to vote?

You can register to vote on the Youth Parliament website. You must register to vote by Friday 12th November. Once registered, you will be emailed instructions about how to vote.

You can view a list of candidates for the election here.

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