“We All Wear the Same Shirt”: breaking down barriers, one kickabout at a time

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Earlier this year, as part of “We Wear the Same Shirt”campaign, there was a first training session for Refugees & Asylum Seekers from the Trinity Centre at Grange Gardens. The kick about was a great workout and was a good fun run around and we’re looking forward to attending future football sessions!

The session was filled with opportunities to connect with other people that enjoy football, and an opportunity to get a chance to play a proper match.

“We Wear the Same Shirt programme delivers a comprehensive football training programme for people suffering from mental health issues and provides a nationwide campaign to combat the stigma against mental health and raise awareness of issues.” (Source FAW Trust).

So, this was an opportunity for people and players no matter their background come together for a game of football. It was about getting people out and about, get fit and meet new friends. Throughout the game it was competitive and an enjoyable experience with all players playing to win and it was good to see the competitive side coming out. All while tackling the issue serious issue of Mental Health, as no doubt some of these players have had some one or more traumatic experiences in their lives. It was then a chance to come together in solidarity with football as we say it is the universal language for all.

Overall, it was a fantastic session to attend, and I was very grateful to be able to play with all the other amazing players. If you want to come along for a kick about and take part, it is every Tuesday from 13:00 PM at Grange Gardens in Grangetown.

Image credit: Markus Spiske

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