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The Sprout is looking for young reporters to cover the worlds of gaming and sport.

We’ve got some incredible writers at The Sprout, that much is true.

We have people who know all the coolest bands. We have people who see every single theatre show they can. We have people who have forgotten more about film than you or I will ever know. We have quite a few people who are into politics and environmental issues. And of course we have loads of people who know exactly where you can go to get the information you need.

But now we’re looking for two new types of writers- and that doesn’t mean only two people.

Screen time

Everybody is a gamer nowadays. But not everyone knows their stuff. Do you know your Battle Royale from your Deathmatch? Do you love to test your mind in a puzzler, then test your reflexes in a shooter? Do you often stay up late, chanting “just one more game…”? Perhaps you already have a YouTube channel, or a Twitch stream, and your escapades are starting to gain you a little following? Join forces with us and build your fanbase. We’re looking for Cardiff based gamers to create content for The Sprout. We need people who can tell us about the coolest new games, the craziest new things happening on online servers, the most exciting E3 announcements. If this is you, whether you have loads of experience, be that writing or making videos, or none at all and you just really want to get into it, please get in touch with the details below. Did I mention we often get review codes?

Extra time

We want young people who live and breathe sport. When you get up in the morning the first thing you think about is the Wales team’s formation for the Six Nations, and how exactly you can let Warren Gatland know about your perfect plan. On the weekends you’re either knee deep in mud on some sodden football pitch in the middle of nowhere, or you’re furrowing your brow in a golf bunker. Perhaps you’re into some more niche sports, like dodgeball or unicycle hockey. Whatever it is, the hallmark of any good newspaper is its sports coverage. So we want to see more people writing about sports on The Sprout. If that person might be you, and if you’re thinking about it at all it may well be, get in touch with the details below.

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What are the benefits of writing for The Sprout?

The Sprout is THE online destination for young Cardiffians aged from 11 right up to 25. This includes teenagers in school, in sixth form, and college, as well as young adults in university and starting out in their careers. This means your content has the potential to be seen by a wide variety of young people- as well as a decent number of professional individuals and organisations who keep an eye on the site. It can be a great place to hone your creative craft, and you will be helped by seasoned professionals who will edit your work and advise you where to take it next.

You also get free stuff- whether that’s review tickets to a match or review code to unreleased games. If you don’t get any other freebies, we give Time Credits to our contributors to thank you for your hard work- which you can spend at many wonderful places round Cardiff and have a lot of fun with. Finally, you’ll be proud to have contributed to a project with a goal to educate and inform the people of Cardiff. Read more about Time Credits here:

Time Credits

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