Teaser Trailer: A Series of Unfortunate Events (A Netflix Original Series) – Easter Egg

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If you’re anything like me and love to binge watch shows on Netflix, you may be pleased to know we finally have a teaser trailer for A Series of Unfortunate Events!


We first heard rumors and whispers of Netflix creating A Series of Unfortunate Events, last year. Since then, most of us have been on the edge of our seats and refreshing pages to get as much information about it as we could, but they have kept pretty quiet about the whole thing.

One thing I have been really excited about is Neil Patrick Harris playing Count Olaf! Unfortunately, we don’t get to see him in the teaser trailer-

-BUT, we do hear him off camera!

We got really excited when a ‘trailer’ was released last year, only to find out, it was just a fan made one…

Albeit, a really good one! (Seriously, whoever made this, needs to be hired by Netflix!)

Most of us were really disappointed when they only made one movie, especially as the cast was really brilliant in it. But, now we can all rejoice! Prepare yourselves for a story most strange…

Okay, okay! I know that you clicked on this to see the actual teaser trailer, so here it is! Side note: It’s being released on FRIDAY THE 13TH! Yass!

Can’t wait for January 13th? Then check out this Easter Egg!

Fans of the book series will know that the acronym ‘VFD’ is an important part of the story, leading the orphans on the biggest part of their journey filled with secrecy and subtlety. Notice anything in this screenshot from the trailer?


At first, fans seemed pretty pleased that there was a little nod to this part of the series hidden in the form of an Easter Egg, but it didn’t take long for warnings to start!vfd1


After some sleuthing fans of the series found that the Easter Egg was a clue to a secret website! Whaaat? veryflammabledandelions.com

Right now, the website just contains a single photo of some concept art, however, it’s clear that with the series release getting closer and closer we’ll be getting more info and probably more puzzles like this. A devious little plan, reminiscent of the series itself.

Well done, Netflix.

What did you think of the teaser trailer and Easter Egg? Do you want to see more? What are you most looking forward to seeing in the series? Let us know in the comments!

All images are from the official Facebook page and creative commons.

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