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Everyone needs to take a break. Whatever’s going on in your life, taking a few minutes to relax is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

Below are some links to help you do just that. We hope you find them helpful.

Background Noise

Some sounds can help you to relax. They can also help you focus which is great if you want to listen to something while working but find lyrics in songs too distracting.

Nature Sounds – Play and mix your own nature sounds

Rainy Mood – Listen to the sound of rain. Scroll to the bottom of their page to listen to music mixed with the rain.

If you’d like to try something different, try listening to LoFi beats (in the video below). They also have a Spotify playlist.

The Quiet Place

The Quiet Place project is home to some brilliant tools to soothe your thoughts. Follow the link to their main page first, then check out their tools at the bottom of their page.

You can enter the Quiet place here. You can do some 90 second relaxation exercises here.

One of our favourites is The Thoughts Room: it’s for when your brain is full of thoughts that won’t shut up. Type your thoughts into the box, watch them fall away, and be reminded that they’re only thoughts: thoughts aren’t real and they can’t hurt you. Realising that releases their grasp on you.

Just breathe

We often take breathing for granted and due to our busy lifestyles, don’t find time to just sit and breathe properly. Spend some time to practice doing nothing but focussing on your breaths.

Share your thoughts

Scream Into The Void is a website where you are able to share your feeling with the internet anonymously. You type your thoughts or feelings into the void and press ‘scream’. Watch your thoughts be pulled away into nothingness while hearing a scream.

Get lost in something mesmerising

Doing something visual can help to calm you down.

Why not do some painting of a nebula with neon flames, or just paint a canvas online here.

You could also choose a relaxing scene, turn up your speakers and just breathe. Calm is a website and app that has a number of resources to suite what you like.

Give love. Get love.

The Nicest Place on the Internet is precisely that. It’s a page where you can get a hug. You can also submit your own hug and supportive message for others.

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