Spotlight on Women: Florence Given

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Spotlight on Women is a segment of The Future Is Feminist campaign. It aims to highlight women that young people in Cardiff think are inspirational and deserve more recognition. 

This article was written by Hallie, 22, from Cardiff.

About Florence Given

Florence given was born on 19th November 1999 in England, UK.

Why is Florence Given famous?

Florence Given is a British illustrator, writer and feminist activist. In 2020, her first book called Women Don’t Owe You Pretty was published. She is also very well known for her feminist slogan designs which address social issues surrounding sexuality and gender.

Why is Florence Given an inspiration to you?

Florence uses her platform (currently approx 600K followers Instagram) to address issues such as sexism, gender inequality, and discrimination based on race, ethnicity, sexuality, gender identity etc. She is constantly trying to better herself and learn, and shares this with her followers. She also credits the people who she has learnt from and signposts other great women as resources for self-education.

Why does Florence Given deserve more recognition?

She deserves more recognition because she is a feminist icon who not only uses her platform to raise awareness for good, but also is so unapologetically herself in such a judgemental society.

Florence literally gives zero monkeys about what people think about her or what they say about her. She dances like nobody is watching on her Instagram stories, even when thousands upon thousands of people see her content. She actively doesn’t shave and shows this with no shame (even though this is considered taboo for women not to shave their underarms in a patriarchal society). She practices what she preaches, and she is awesome!

Recognizing Florence – An Acrostic Poem by Halyna

Feminist of the future

Leader of the present

Outrageously outspoken

Radiating like luminescence.

Eager to end sexism

Not everybody’s cup of tea

Calling out the haters

Ending hatred for you and me.

Glitz and glamour

Inspiring her illustrations.

Vibrant in colour and meaning

Empowering all the nations.

Not sure who? It’s Florence Given.

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Follow Florence on Instagram, or check out her website.

Photo: Florence Given, Instagram

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