Spotlight on Women: Jan Morris

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Spotlight on Women is a segment of The Future Is Feminist campaign. It aims to highlight women that young people in Cardiff think are inspirational and deserve more recognition. 

This article was written by Tomos, 18, from Cardiff Youth Service.

About Jan Morris 

Jan Morris was born on 2nd October 1926 and died at age 94 on 20th November 2020 in Wales.

Why is Jan Morris famous? 

She is famous because she was a popular Welsh historian, author, and travel writer. 

Why is Jan Morris an inspiration to you? 

Jan Morris was one of the finest writers of her time. She is an inspiration to me because she did her job in the way I want to do it when I am older. 

Why does Jan Morris deserve more recognition? 

Jan had a fascinating and inspirational life!  

When working for The Times in 1953, she wrote a world exclusive by travelling with Edmund Hillary to the base camp on Everest to witness the historic attempt on the summit. She became one of the first people to reach the peak of Everest! 

Jan was previously called ‘John.’ She made the decision as a young child that she was “wrongly equipped” to be a boy. She iconically attended lessons in “white fluttering gowns” whilst in education and lived a wonderful life as a transgender woman.

Recognizing Jan – An Acrostic Poem by Tomos

Joyful in her nature

Always amazing

Nonsensical yet as clear as crystal

Marvellously indifferent

Over-expressive, at times

Royally remarkable

Rich in zeal

Instrumental to our future

Straight in our past

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Photo Credit: Colin McPherson / Corbis via Getty Images 

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