Postcards From The Future: Sam Pakdee

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Ever wondered what the future will be like in 50 years time? 12-year-old Sam, a finalist from Chapter’s Postcards From The Future competition, explains the vision behind his artwork.

What was your inspiration for the artwork?

My inspiration is when my mum told me that she wanted to go shopping at space because in Tesco there is a big line of people waiting to pay. She doesn’t like waiting so she wants to go shopping at space and that’s my in inspiration of my artwork.

How do you feel about being included in a professional art exhibition in Chapter?

I am really excited to have my work being displayed.

What other creative things do you do?

I draw a lot at home when the weather is bad. I also like creating menus in the kitchen with my mum who is from Thailand.

Is there anything else that you’d like to say about being a finalist?

I am super proud being in the top 3 (in my age group). It’s a great achievement for me, and I am also proud for my school as well.

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This is part of the Postcards From The Future campaign held in collaboration with Chapter Arts for their 50th Birthday celebrations. To learn more about the competition and all the other talented finalists, click here.

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