Postcards From The Future: Anest James

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Ever wondered what the future will be like in 50 years time? 14-year-old Anest, a finalist from Chapter’s Postcards From The Future competition, explains the vision behind her artwork.

What was your inspiration for the artwork?

My postcard to the future is inspired by the questions that surround our future.

To be honest, I’m not sure anyone has any ideas on what the future holds. So, my artwork is based on the uncertainty that our planet holds, by showing many different outcomes, some more reassuring and calming than others, and dangling the question of what can we do to help?

How do you feel about being included in a professional art exhibition in Chapter?

I’ve been going to Chapter since a young age and have seen many things around its walls. And to think my artwork might be featured on the front is quite surreal but altogether really grateful for the opportunity.

What other creative things do you do?

My main form of art is music, drama and dance. I love being onstage and expressing myself through performing. I’ve loved doing arts and crafts from a young age and still draw and build 3D models in my spare time. Over lockdown, not having a stage to perform on has been hard so being able to doodle when bored has been a really helpful hobby throughout these last two years.

Is there anything else that you’d like to say about being a finalist?

Being picked for the top three (in my age category) has been a pretty cool thing already and I am just really pleased with my work, no matter how well it does!

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This is part of the Postcards From The Future campaign held in collaboration with Chapter Arts for their 50th Birthday celebrations. To learn more about the competition and all the other talented finalists, click here.

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