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Jamie T // Cardiff Students’ Union // Sunday 2nd October 2016

Bright lights, sweat, glitter and claustrophobia. This is the standard at a Jamie T gig. His highly awaited Trick Tour sold out at Cardiff Students’ Union, packing 1,500 into a room that really could not handle that many sweaty fans. The queue was filled with nervous excitement, buzzing music lovers chatting amongst themselves, some adding last minute glitter on their faces, some painting a neon J and a T on each cheek.

The support act, The Wytches were decent, yet not as I expected. Grungy with long hair and intense guitar feedback, they riled up the crowd for a fair half hour, with renowned hits such as Digsaw and C-side.

The wait for Jamie arose a bubble of whispers as the lights faded. After just a blink there he was, guitar in hand and hat on. He wore a queer shirt with music art from his albums and a hat which would soon be soaked in sweat.

Seconds into the anthem of Power Over Men, the crowds burst into fruition. Not one person decided to not join him and sing along. The atmosphere was electric, and it continued like that for the remainder of the gig. Mosh pits were made – despite limited space – crowd surfing prevailed and voices were lost – in particular my own.

Solomon Eagle followed by Operation then Drone Strike. Salvador, The Prophet and Police Tapes. Jam by jam he worked through the set, passion and talent slipping through every crevice. I was lucky enough to be at the front, where I could see each and every chord change, his incredible drummer and the rest of the band.

Honestly, seeing your favourite artist live is a religious experience. After being a diehard fan for over 2 years, to actually listen to the soundtrack of my GCSEs was indescribable. I felt elated.

I’ll never forget my first Jamie T gig. Here’s to many more!

5/5 – Stellar performance

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