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So first I’m going to give you the basics of Fast & Furious in case you haven’t seen the series of films…if not then I am concerned why you would want to see this review and start with the 8th movie. Yes my lame attempt at humour people.

So mainly we are following the story of Dominic Toretto (played by Vin Diesel) and his “family” or friends, they are a close knit bunch of street racers in America who take part in illegal activities ranging from street racing to theft and heists. Insert Brian O’Conner (played by the late Paul Walker) who was an undercover FBI agent set into the mist of this group to bring them down…but like most movies boy meets girl, boy falls for girl and gets pulled into the family by big brother. Amongst the street racing, fighting and well gunfire – oh and don’t forget the NOS which makes the cars go super- fast. Also by the end Brian has the choice to let Dom escape or take him in, needless to say what happens there?

The second film is focused just on Brian and how he must take down one of the worst criminals and enlist his childhood friend Roman Pearce, who he has a little bit of a disagreement about some prison time Roman did. By this point we are now at film 3 and have circled back to what “Dom” has been doing; and it seems he took off to hide in Tokyo to make new friends (we see him in the end of the film like a cameo).

Now the 4th film? Well back again Brian is now in with Toretto and his friends and they are going to take down a heroin importer by infiltrating his operation, with their tech and cars how would they not manage to pull it off. Fast 5 is about getting their freedom back by going to war with a Brazilian drug lord and a federal agent, because the law is always watching right?

Fast & Furious 6 is about taking down mercenaries and a surprise for Dom, Letty his girlfriend is still alive… Furious 7 is all about revenge on Dom. It is also the last film late Paul Walker was in after he  passed away in a serious car accident. His brother was used to film the last parts and the film was dedicated to him.

Finally the awaited part The final film number 8; All about a strange woman who seems to have turned Dom against his family…as we have learnt through the films family means everything to Dom. So what could possibly of made him turn his back on them? Well a twist even the most dedicated fans would not see coming I believe. Full of action and fast cars, the film keeps you on the edge of your seat – it will not disappoint fans of the franchise.

Also not forgetting I was lucky enough to see this in the new viewing experience 4DX, which makes you feel like you are in the film itself.

With air blown at you, moving seats, smoke and water spray – even a vibrating and moving system to the chair where even your back is part of the experience. With every beating or fall a character experiences you get a pummelling yourself. To me it was like being part of a new roller-coaster or something, and I’ll admit personally I didn’t feel like I was in the movie. Except for the vibrations which worked really well with the racing parts of the film and the cool air and smoke worked near the end of the film, but being nudged in the back and having a blast of cold air at each side of the back of your head when there was a gunshot? Not so fun for my personal taste. But in all fairness it was an interesting experience and I liked how the chairs tilted to the camera movements to.




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