REVIEW: Brand New (& Biffy were there) @ Cardiff Motorpoint Arena

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Biffy Clyro & Brand New

6th December 2016

Cardiff Motorpoint Arena

**disclaimer this review was written by an avid Brand New fan who believes they are the best band on the entire planet.**

I have to be honest with you, when I first found out that Brand New were to support Biffy Clyro, I wept with joy and a little sadness. For me, Brand New are the best band to ever grace this earth, their mix of emotive, heart gripping & beautifully adapted releases; just hit me in the feels everytime I’m blessed to hear them in my ear drums; even more so when I get to share the same room as Jesse, Vinnie, Brian & Garrett. Brand New, in my eyes, should be the support act, the second support, the headliner and just play until the end of time. With that in mind, there’s always going to be a little disappointment and deflation when you go from seeing your absolute idols, to a band you’re not particularly fussed on.

The ‘day’  started off in grief for Brand New fans, with the majority of them waking up to a phone-call from Ticketmaster explaining that the original half seven door schedule had in fact been changed to half six and Brand New, would grace (and own and just be the absolute gods they are) on the stage at a mere 7:15. Now for anyone that had paid a whooping £56 to see Brand New alone (the majority of my friends had done), there was a huge possibility that they’d miss the Long Island rockers altogether. Such a travesty for anyone with a ‘good’ (splendid even) music taste or anyone that’s never been in the presence of musical masters before.

From the opening lines of  ‘Sowing Season’, to the chorus of ‘Sic Transit Gloria‘, since their formation in 2000, Brand New have built up a true-cult following. Although we were only blessed with a 7 song set, like every other time Brand New make their way across the pond, we were there in our hundreds, possibly thousands. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Brand New are the band without the gimmicks, without the ‘WE LOVE YOU CARDIFF’ crap (I’m pretty sure I only heard vocalist Jesse Lacey say an awkward ‘thank you’ to the sold out crowd), with that in mind, just them simply playing is enough. They don’t need no hefty backdrop, no copious amounts of strobe lighting or some fancy glitter stuff for a packed room full of raised hands (and tears!). I love you Brand New, I’m going to stay eighteen forever.

Biffy, they were just Biffy. In all honesty, I do actually like Biffy but Brand New are the best band to walk this earth… ever.  If anything, they took enough of my time with their 27 song set so they can have a few words to even it out.


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