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The Portuguese Company,
62-64 Lower Cathedral Road,

Meals from £10+

This cleverly-placed eatery (which is in a busy, yet also quiet, area) just outside of town is a quaint, candescent, and welcoming restaurant. It is slightly deceptive to the eye (from the outside), once inside all that goes away and you’re welcomed to a large open plan and very brightly lit dining area with dark wood set tables. Both are great fundamentals for family dining, quiet evenings with friends or even business meetings while enjoying some absolutely delicious food. The decor is both professional and relaxed and great for whatever the reason for your visit.

On that note, let’s talk about the food:

As a first time visit, I thought I’d go for something simple. But Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 11.35.25before we ordered our meals we were given a small bowl of what tasted like battered chicken balls with two dips: one with a slight spice, and one with more of spicy kick. Both were interesting to try as we waited for our drinks. The staff were very quick and happy to help with any questions I had about the menu.

I went for the half chicken, which came with a salad which was delicious and melted in the mouth. My favourite part had to be the skin, which had my tongue tingling with the moisture and flavour. We all had something different to eat: chicken breast in a garlic cream sauce; chicken breast with chorizo sauce (which I know can be quite spicy); pork, and my partner who asked for a surprise as he knows the owner. He had a meat skewer, which was hung from a hook in the middle on the table and was possibly about the same size as the table was in length. It all looked and smelled amazing, and made my mouth salivate.
You would think, by looking at the little meals, we would leave enough space for desert. But these were also pleasantly deceptive, the meals were very filling with a side of chips and rice.
Other items on the menu included meats, fish and veterinarian dishes plus sides and starters which I would be more than happy to be adventurous and try on my next visit. They do alcoholic drinks but also soft drinks a fruit drinks and wines.
You can check out more about the restaurant via Facebook here.


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