Project Shoebox – Pentwyn Youth Club

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“Project Shoebox” – Pentwyn Youth Club

In the past few weeks, Pentwyn Youth Club has been organizing a project in partnership with Tresilian House. “Project Shoebox” aims to provide recently homeless people with essential items needed to help them get the best start in their new accommodation.

Last Monday we went on a trip to What! on Newport Road, to see if they had some essentials for the people in need. They kindly donated us £100 to go around the shop, and buy a load of items that they might need, such as; socks, hats, food/snacks, activity books, toiletries and much more.

The support shown by What! is really important as it shows the extent they are willing to go, as a company, to help the wider community.

On Friday 30th March we will be attending Tressilian House to kindly show our appreciation and our care for the homeless and give them the gifts that were kindly donated by What!

We hope to organize more projects, trips and activities like this as it is something that is really important to us and we think that more projects like this will give other people in need a chance to receive the essentials that we get brought off our parents on a daily basis and also lets them know that there are people supporting them throughout everything they are going through.

Written by Chelsea Lane and Rhiannon Sutton.


Below is a copy of the letter we wrote to What Stores asking them for their support. It just goes to show what kindness and generosity there is out there and this has been a great contribution for Pentwyn Youth Club.

Ministry of Life delivers youth clubs for Cardiff Youth Service as part of their Youth Innovation Grant Programme.


Thank you to Pentwyn Leisure Centre for providing us with the venue to run this youth club.


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