People in Cardiff have low body confidence, young people blame social media

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A report from the leisure centre providers Better, who currently provide all of Cardiff’s leisure centre services, has revealed that people in Cardiff have lower body confidence than people in the UK as a whole.

In the report, 2000 British people of all ages were surveyed about their body confidence. The least confident cities in aggregate were Leeds, Cardiff and Edinburgh- whilst the most confident were Bristol, Birmingham and Belfast.

What’s more, young people aged 18-24 across the UK reported that the main source of body worries was social media.

Young people reported that low body confidence affected their mental health, love life, social life and even career progression.

People living in big cities like London and Edinburgh do more exercise- the report reckons this might be to counter the stresses of living in a big city.

You can read the report for yourself here.

The report is also being discussed over on Reddit.

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