Isobel’s Lockdown Experience

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This article is one in a series of stories featuring real experiences, thoughts and feelings from young people living in Cardiff during lockdown. To see the other stories, please click here. This article was written for the campaign by Isobel Wackett, a 20-year old university student.

Since March 2020, everyone’s lives were put on hold. We spent our time working from home, baking banana bread, and TikTok seemed to evolve into a fanatical craze. Although many people were eager to point the blame, others came together as a community in the attempt to spread a little happiness.

During the pandemic, myself along with two of my best mates decided it was time to fill our spare time and get creative by starting our very own blog, Spark and Spill. We wanted to connect with all our friends who were spread across the UK in an attempt to make them laugh, whilst sharing small insights into our current ‘lockdown activities’.

From book, film and online theatre reviews to reminiscing on our favourite UK holiday hotspots, the intention of this blog was to inspire others to get creative!

Too often than not, the media was quick to blame students for the spread of the virus, and we wanted to make a change and prove them wrong. As well as filling in readers on our day-to-day activities, we also highlighted and promoted other student’s local start-up businesses and creative aspects that were emerging as a result from the pandemic.

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Inspiring, promoting and connecting with others via the internet in a resourceful aspect enabled so many students across the UK and the globe to come together as a community. Not only did they support each other they also spread a little joy, and slowly but surely enabled one another to get through this global pandemic.

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