Video Games that Help You Deal with Grief

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Grief can be extremely challenging, and everyone copes with it differently. One way that may help is by exploring your feelings through playing a game. Here’s a list of 8 video games that may help you to process your loss.

Apart of Me

Available on mobile, this free award-winning adventure game for teens allows players to explore an island and accept quests from various characters. As you play, you’ll come across written notes and audio transcripts from young people talking about their loss, and you’ll be encouraged to engage with coping strategies to build resilience.


The main character, Gris, is a young woman lost in sorrow after a painful experience. Her world is black and white, and only after working through the stages of grief (and different sections of the game) is colour brought back into her world.

That Dragon, Cancer

This narrative point-and-click game retells Joel Green’s 4-year fight against cancer. It focuses on the highs and lows experienced throughout grief.


Stella becomes the new spiritfarer whose task is to fare spirits to the deceased in the afterlife. The goal is to make the spirits more comfortable by completing tasks like cooking food, building places of rest and helping them fulfil their last wishes.

The Last Campfire

The Last Campfire is a puzzle game where the player controls a soul called Ember, who must solve puzzles to help fellow forlorn souls who have lost hope to find their purposes.

What Remains of Edith Finch

This visual novel adventure allows you to play as Edith who explores their childhood home to explore their family secrets and solve the mystery of why she is the only Finch left alive. In the first person, you’ll explore the stories of Edith’s family members and work Edith through her grief.

Lost Ember

Take the role of a wolf with the ability to control other animals, you’ll assist lost souls in crossing into the afterlife. You’ll discover ruins of long-forgotten civilizations and ancient cultures that tell stories of hope, loss, ambition and failure.

Among the Sleep

Although marketed as a horror game which may be scary for many, Among the Sleep revolves around a toddler who can’t find their mother. They explore their often-frightening environment with their teddy bear to help the child get closer to finding their mum.

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