Calling All Young Artists and Gamers – Win £200 For Your Art! (OPPORTUNITY CLOSED)

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Are you aged between 11-25 and think that gaming helps you with your mental health? Can you show this through a piece of art? Want to earn £200 for your work?  

TheSprout have the perfect opportunity for you. Please read this guidance before completing an application. 


Everybody has mental health. Some people have good mental health; others sometimes suffer from poor mental health. Whatever experience you have with mental health, there are things that can make you feel better. For some people, that may be seeing family and friends, exercising, reading a book, or gaming.  

If you think gaming helps you with your mental health, then this commission is for you. Maybe you find that talking to friends through gaming helps you keep positive. Perhaps exploring magical worlds or solving puzzles helps to focus your mind away from the negative things that get you down. If you can think of reasons why gaming has improved your mental health, we would love to hear from you! 

Tell us about your idea 

We are looking to commission 9 young artists to create art pieces that reflect the relationship between gaming and your mental health.  

It’s up to you what form of art you use, for example: 

  • Painting 
  • Anime 
  • Song 
  • Sculpture 
  • Ceramics 
  • Film 
  • Poetry 
  • Sketch 
  • Dance 
  • Spoken word 

If it tells a story, whether that’s physically or digitally, then go for it! 

How can I apply? 

To apply, you’ll need to submit an application form.  

The application will ask you a few questions about you, your relationship with gaming, your idea for the commission, and your preferred form of art.  

You can also submit previous examples of your artwork to support your application.  

The deadline for applications is Sunday 23rd January 2022. Any submissions after this point will not be brought to the panel of judges. To avoid disappointment, please submit your art ideas as soon as possible. 


The panel 

A specialist panel of judges will look at the submitted art ideas and choose up to 9 of them to commission. We aim to contact all successful applicants by Wednesday 26th January 2022. We will then ask you to meet us via video call so we can help you to develop your ideas and assist you in the creative process.  

If successful, you will be required to sign a contract outlining what is expected from you as part of the commission. From this point, you’ll have around 5 weeks to submit your final artwork on Saturday 12th March 2022.  

Proposed timeline 

  • Application submissions open: Monday 10th January 2022 
  • Deadline for submissions: Midnight on Sunday 23rd January 2022 
  • Successful applicants contacted: Wednesday 26th January 2022 
  • Final artwork deadline: 12 Noon on Saturday 12th March 2022 
  • Exhibition Event: Saturday 19th March 2022 

What support will you receive? 

As part of the commission, young artists will be supported by staff members at ProMo-Cymru to document the process of completing the artwork.  

We would love to interview all of the artists about their work and the impact that gaming has had on their mental health. This content would form blogs, graphics, and videos which will be shared on TheSprout’s website and social media platforms.  

Commission budget 

Each successful commission will receive £200 to create, display, and document the process of their work with help from staff.   

What happens to your artwork? 

We are planning to host an event at the Good Game Café in Cardiff on Saturday 19th March 2022 to showcase all the finished artwork. It will be an opportunity for you as a young artist to meet with others who love gaming, chat with other artists, and see your artwork exhibited. The art will be collected and displayed at the Good Game Cafe for a month after this event. 

Inclusion and diversity  

We’d really like to showcase the diversity within Cardiff and are committed to supporting submissions and creatives whose identities and/or backgrounds are underrepresented. This includes but is not limited to artists: 

  • From Black, Asian, and other ethnic minority backgrounds 
  • With LGBTQ+ identities 
  • With long-term health difficulties  
  • With disabilities 

We are also welcoming ideas in both English and Welsh. 

Help submitting an application  

You’ll need to log into a google account to submit an application.

If you need any help completing the form or do not have a google account but wish to apply, please contact:  

Who is organising this? 

This project is being funded through Cardiff Council but is being run and organised by TheSprout, ProMo-Cymru and Cardiff Youth Service. 

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