Gabalfa Youth Club During Lockdown

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Despite the challenges they faced during lockdown, Gabalfa Youth Club has managed to work together and keep spirits high. To allow us to continue our work the club moved online; however, we have managed to host a number of fun activities we wanted to share with you.

Photography Competitions

Contestants sent in photos they produced in response to the themes of  ‘Water’ and ‘Blue’.

Shane submitted two pictures, one of a boat and another of the river Taf, whilst Sabs took one picture from a Kayak and another from the back of a boat in Norway; meanwhile, Terri-Mae also took a picture of the Taf but digitally enhanced it . Joff submitted a picture of a blue album, whilst Sophie chose to take a picture of her dog on the beach. Ffion chose to take a picture of the Blackweir bridge and the sky above Cardiff.

Mood Collages

Like with the photography competition, many tried their hand at making mood collages with unifying themes and colours. These are some examples of work produced by Shane and Ffion.

Games and Quizzes

Adapting to the new online medium, one of our members, Sabs, suggested competing for the high score in games. We also ran a number of online quizzes, with questions written and researched by our members; allowing us to explored a wide range of topics, from the size of the earth to who invented the lightbulb. To say thank you to those who took part in our Quizzes, we ordered some prizes, hopefully it reflects our gratitude for their continued support during this difficult time.

We would also like to thanks Cardiff Youth Services, Community Foundation Wales, Linc Cymru and Hafod Housing.

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