Free and Cheap Things to do in Cardiff: 7-14 November

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How low can you go? Can you go down low? Can you bring it to the top? Can you never ever stop?

These are not only the lyrics of the  2000 dance hit The Cha Cha Slide, but also the actions of my bank account on a weekly basis. As such I’m always looking out for cheap events to go to in Cardiff, and I love sharing them with you each week!

Mental Health in Elite Sport

Thurs 8 Nov 18:15-20:00 – Heath University Hospital – £2.50

Are you interested in the negative effects of high level sports on athletes’ mental health? What can be done about it? This talk will be hosted at the Heath Hospital’s Michael Griffith Education Centre. It’s meant for students but if you’re interested why not go along?

Climate Rebellion! Plan an Action

Thurs 8 Nov 18:30 – Cathays Community Centre – Bring snacks!

A lot of people are tired of ineffectual government action against climate change. With the recent announcement that we probably only have 12 years to do anything about it, lest we face certain doom, the Extinction Rebellion is spreading non-violent displeasure around the UK. I know we have a lot of people who care about climate change on The Sprout, so let’s attend the meeting and make a plan for what to do next.

Festival of Social Sciences – Wales

6-10 Nov – various events

Local disability campaigner, YouTuber and friend of the Sprout Josh Reeves reminded us of this local pocket of the national social science festival There will be a talk about disability and the perils of being so famous from Josh, but there’s also some other really interesting ones: sense of place on Friday, peace in Northern Ireland, and more. See them all here.

Lycra Presents Freddie’s Friday Night Fandango

Fri 9 Nov – Buffalo – £6

Here’s a club night for all you cool dudes. They won’t stop me now when I’m wearing my 80s workout gear to this usually very smart nightclub. I’ll be caught in a landslide away from reality. After all we’re waiting for a hammer to fall. Easy come, easy go, I guess. (Stop. Just stop. -Ed.) Alright, here’s the Eventbrite page, only the good die young. (That doesn’t even make sense. -Ed.)

Repair Cafe Wales Splott

Sat 10 Nov – Oasis Cardiff

Woman with Bike- Alisa Anton on Unsplash
Woman with Bike- Alisa Anton on Unsplash

You know the drill. Get your stuff fixed by a team of hardy volunteers who have just the ticket. Get Time Credits if you’re the one fixing! Check it out on Facebook.

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