Free and Cheap Things to do in Cardiff: 20-26 June

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Pumping up the volume, getting down to the beat, it’s things to do in Cardiff, in your favourite street.

No? Pink sang it better…

Which is to say that the 00s RnB babe Pink is hitting the Diff this Thursday. I guess there won’t be too much travel disruption, but it might be a bit busy.  More info here (it’s not cheap).


Forget about P!NK, what you need is KLASK. You think I’m kidding but just look, watch that video and tell me it doesn’t look like a blooming brilliant game. The KLASK champions tour will be in Chance and Counters, one of Cardiff’s premier board game shops, on Thursday 20 June from 7pm. Book on Eventbrite. 

If you’re looking to meet cultured people, come along to the final Language Tandem event of the year. Does your Espanol make you silver tongued? Does your Italiano make you Interesting-er? Er, you get the idea. 7pm at the Vulcan in Cathays. It’s free entry!


From 10am-2pm, there’s a jobs fair in city hall. No registration or fee.

Tafwyl, Welsh language music festival, begins at Cardiff Castle. It’s on all weekend and it’s free!!!

Don’t speak Welsh? Don’t worry, there are some stock phrases included for you to practice with in the programme. In fact, you know what, just read the programme. You’ll definitely find something you enjoy. And it’s super duper cheap.


On 22 June at 11am the WMC promises a special kind of ice cream. They remain tight-lipped about what exactly it is. Maybe their lips are frozen?

Cardiff Mini Film Festival begins. Probably the most interesting event in my view is simply titled “The Wicker Man in a Masonic Temple”. So you can watch The Wicker Man, as in the 70s film about some poor soul getting burned alive, in Cardiff Masonic Hall. FB / Tickets here.


Audience participation event at G39 art gallery. From 6pm. If you feel art in Cardiff doesn’t represent you, this might be your chance to make your voice heard. Alternatively, if you are enjoying the art Cardiff has to offer, this is your chance to let it be known. FB.

Our pals at Radio Platfform also have their steering committee that day at 6pm. Decide the future of the platform etc. They’ve promised Free Greggs.

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