Stage Review: Les Misérables

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This musical is like living in a different world; it’s emotional, it’s funny and it pulls on your heart strings from the opening of act.

As a musical lover Les Misérables has doesn’t it for me until now in my eyes the film went on forever and I still haven’t finished it but the seeing the musically stage is a different aspect all together I didn’t have a lot of expectation for this show but the image it set was unbelievable if you haven’t got tickets get them when you can as your can’t miss this show.

It includes much-loved songs such as: “One more day “,”On my own“, “Master of the house” and many more. My favourite part of the show was when the barricade got attacked; the lighting was on point the sat was unbearable for a tour and it was jaw dropping I loved this show and might even see it again.

You can understand why this show has been hyped up so much and it is well worth the hype. I loved it in so many ways

The blockbuster film and loved by many is in Cardiff and staying until Saturday 4th of January and is not to be missed.

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