Caitlyn: Gaining confidence to find work  

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This blog is part of TheSprout’s Supporting Young Cardiffians campaign. It tells the story of 17-year-old Caitlyn, who got support from the Family Help Team, part of Cardiff Family Advice and Support service.

Why did you contact the Cardiff Family Gateway?

Caitlyn “found out about CFAS by my Mum telling me someone was coming to talk to me at home where I felt most comfortable.”

She shared that she “was sleeping – not getting up or being active in the day. I was not confident in applying for jobs or creating a CV. I was struggling to keep up with schoolwork and worried about school next year. I felt unconfident, overwhelmed and not sure how to help myself”.

What support did you receive? 

CFAS helped Caitlyn “create a CV, gaining an understanding of what needs to be on the document and how to create it in the future.” Caitlyn’s Family Help Advisor, Lauren, “has helped me search and apply for jobs. I’ve been practising what needs to be included in an application and how to find out this information”.

They also “created a routine to help me sleep better which meant I was more active in the day and could do more to help myself”.

How has the support provided by CFAS helped you and your family? 

During her time getting help from CFAS, Caitlyn “learnt about CV’s and what to include in them” which made her “feel more confident about applying for jobs and empowered to do things for myself”. She said that “the best thing about the service is learning”.

What advice would you give to a young person going through similar challenges? 

If someone needed help, Caitlyn said she would “suggest they talk to the Cardiff Family Gateway or Family Help Team”.

Related Information

This is a true story from a young person who accessed help from Cardiff Family Advice and Support service. To respect the privacy of the young people who shared their stories with us, we have changed their names to keep them anonymous. To read more stories about how CFAS has helped young people and their families, click here.

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To get in touch with CFAS for free call 03000 133 133 or email

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