Advice for LGBTQ+ Young People and Allies

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As part of the Cardiff Pride: More Than A Month campaign, we attended Pride Cymru in Cardiff and spoke to young people about all things LGBTQ+ related. This blog shares their advice for other young LGBTQ+ people and allies in the community.

Be an ally

Tesni, 23 – I just think that everyone should be an ally no matter how you identify. You know, in this current climate and especially post-covid, I think it’s so important that everyone supports each other no matter the situation and no matter the person. It’s all just about coming together especially here in Wales. You know, coming together as a Welsh community as well as a general community. I just feel like everyone should just support each other which is really nice to see whilst here at Pride. 


Matthew, 23 – Chill the hell out. It’s fine. Like it’s not a crisis, it’s fine. You will be chill. It’ll work out.

Don’t rush things

Lizzie, 22 – Take some time, for the love of God. You don’t know what you are and it’s all a confusing time. Definitely take that time to figure out who you are and sort of experiment with the people around you and just take in the experiences of those around you.

Tess, 22 – Don’t feel pressure to suddenly define yourself to everyone all at once because I feel like finding your own identity takes a while so it’s important to just be like… things can change. Sexuality is fluid. Definitely take your time. You don’t have to like define yourself really concretely. 

Toby, 15 – Don’t be afraid to take your time with how you’re feeling. Don’t be afraid to experiment and go back on yourself because sometimes it takes taking the wrong path to realise it’s the wrong path. It’s okay to kind of be like ‘I want to try this’ and suddenly it’s not what you think it is. It’s okay to experiment and think about things twice. I want people to realise that it’s okay no matter what you do, especially if you’re young and you haven’t figured yourself out. Just have confidence in yourself and make sure to have a good support circle because there will be people out there who understand and will trust what you say about yourself. It’s important to do that. And kind of trust the process. 

Give fewer f**ks

Carenza, 20 – F**k anyone who makes you sad because they’re not worth it. 

Be yourself

Maddie, 16 – Just be yourself and if you get bullied it will be okay in the end. 

Darcey, 23 – Just be yourself. It doesn’t matter what other people think, as long as you’re happy that’s the main thing. 

Chloe, 21 – Be yourself always. Not everyone is gonna like you. Not everybody is gonna approve. But do you really need those people who aren’t going to be completely supportive and encouraging of who you are as a person? Do you really need them in your life? That’s gonna be your call but definitely always be your wonderful weird self because people need to be accepting of it. 

Spread kindness

Matthew, 23 – Be kind to each other. 

Jess, 18 – To be safe, do your research online. And especially for like trans men, don’t feel like it’s hopeless because of like the giant prices of stuff because everything will happen eventually. 

Love yourself and let go of perfectionism

Chris, 18 – Be honest with yourself and allow yourself to be different because nobody is wrong for being who they are. It’s okay to go through the things that you’re going through. No matter what people say around you, you can never change who you are. To really find that love within yourself before sharing it with anyone else. Find acceptance for how you are and know that it’s fine. 

Matthew, 23 – I guess everyone is a work in progress.

Ffion, 15 – Oh god right, especially lesbians, please don’t feel disgusted with yourself. It’s completely fine. Even if you are something that will never revolve around men, it’s fine! Even if we have the patriarchy, even if you don’t involve yourself with men, it’s completely okay and it’s going to be okay. I hope someone through that message finds comfort in knowing that it’s fine. You don’t need to involve yourself with anyone.

You’re not alone

Mal, 18 – There are always resources for people who don’t have that much income and for people who have to hide who they are because of their parents and stuff. There’s always help especially in schools I’d say. Just mainly talk to people who you can trust. 

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