3 Ways to Help Your Grandparents in Lockdown

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This time is hard for everyone, and especially for people who are vulnerable, lonely or elderly.

So what can you do (while still abiding by the social distancing rules) to help them feel extra loved and safe whilst self-isolating?

Make (Face)time

While you can’t physically be with your elderly/vulnerable loved ones, you can still see them. ? But what if neither of you have done anything that day? What can you talk about?

Well, using the magic of technology, you can actually do stuff with your relatives via Skype, Facetime, Zoom, and WhatsApp. There are hundreds of apps out there. (Don’t forget that there are some dodgy things to to look out for on these apps, so we’ve got a whole page to help. Click here to go there now.)

You could use these apps to contact your grandparents and:

  • watch your favourite tv show together/a movie together, have a chat about it;
  • call them and eat dinner together, talk about what you have done that day;
  • start a regular book club by reading the same book, and discussing it over the phone

Help them with routine

One of the biggest problems with social isolation is keeping to a daily routine, so, help them to make a new routine that you can both stick to. That way, you can check in with your relative(s), but also give them something to look forward to. This could be as simple as you like — just make sure that you both commit to it!

Make them a care basket

You could make them a care basket and leave it outside their door, and pack it with the essentials that they can’t go out and get themselves. You could include:

  • their favourite shampoo and conditioner;
  • toilet roll;
  • antibac hand gel;
  • a puzzle to keep them busy;
  • a new pair of slippers or fuzzy socks;
  • a homemade card telling them that you miss them and can’t wait to see them;
  • their favourite chocolates

Want more tips? Age Cymru has some information to look after loved ones from afar during the COVID-19 pandemic; click here to read them.

Photo by Tiago Muraro on Unsplash

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