What is Remembrance Day?

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Why are people wearing poppies and why do we do a two-minute silence? Here’s the low-down on Remembrance Day.

What is Remembrance Day?

Remembrance Day, also known as Armistice Day or Poppy Day, marks the day World War One ended in 1918. It occurs yearly on 11th November to remember the members of the armed forces who have died in the line of duty.

On the 11th day of the 11th month at 11AM, a two-minute silence is held as a tribute to those who lost their lives fighting for their country, not just in World War One, but also in World War Two, the Gulf and Falklands Wars, as well as recent conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Flanders Fields

Why do people wear a poppy?

The remembrance poppy has been used since 1921 to honour those who died, which was inspired by World War One poem “In Flanders Fields” by John McCrae.

Leading up to Remembrance Day, the Royal British Legion distribute poppies in return for donations to their “Poppy Appeal” which supports current and former British veterans.

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