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Rascal | Lloyd Langford | Little Wander Comedy FestivalChapter Arts Centre | 13th July 2016

It must be said that “Rascal” is a well-picked title for this show. As a rather endearing term for describing naughtiness, it accurately describes Langford’s comedic persona and material down to a T. As he goes through some serious and rather graphic content, he manages to do so with a lighthearted and affable charm that is hard not to enjoy.

The show itself was held at Chapter as part of their mini-festival of Edinburgh Fringe Festival previews, and, in typical preview fashion, was certainly not as polished as the final product, with Langford’s low-key and ambling delivery often hitting lulls. However, Langford’s relaxed and conversational style was not only refreshingly earnest but allowed him to roll easily with the various audience interactions and interruptions.

The sheer amount of uninvited heckles derailed the show somewhat towards the end despite Langford’s best attempts, which was a shame, but he certainly made the best of it. Its rough nature meant it lacked a punchy ending, but through one of the better bits of audience intervention, it managed to end on a funny note.

The show itself contains some adult language and a lot of adult content of a sexual nature, which is certainly not suitable for you readers under 18, but the core of the humour lay in his light-hearted treatment of both serious political and adult topics and the use of almost-naive language. Whilst it was hard to pinpoint standout moments, the material was consistently funny and I found my cheeks hurting from all the smiling at the end. If he can pace it up a little, it will certainly be a very good hour indeed.

If you want to check him out before he goes to Edinburgh, he will be performing at Buffalo bar along with Rhys James on 24th July 2016 – more info can be found here.

Cardiff Comedy Festival is also on in Cardiff right now. You can read our reviews of it here.


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