The Cirque Berserk is coming to Cardiff and here’s what we can expect

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Crazy-talented performance troupe the Cirque Berserk are arriving in Cardiff this week and they tell us to expect a “Berserkus, not a circus”. A Cirque Berserk show is definitely not for the faint-hearted, and when the West End show arrives at Cardiff’s New Theatre from 10-15 July there may indeed be one or two fainting old aunts in the crowd! The show is a “best of” mix of the most thrilling, dangerous circus acts chosen from shows around the world.

Known as the “Berserkers”, the performers don’t use any safety equipment in order to deliver a show that keeps the audience on the edge of their seats. That said, the health and safety men insist on special treatment for one trick which is so unbelievably dangerous that a safety wire must be worn.

The company of 35 brings together the biggest and most diverse range of performers on tour anywhere in the UK. Included are Tumblers from Timbuktu; weapon throwers from Argentina; contortionists from Mongolia; balancers from Columbia; acrobats from Cuba. Crowds also gather for big-set-pieces including the infamous Globe of Death, where four motorbikers ride at motorway speeds inside a Mad Max style metal sphere, and a RoboCop-style robot that shoots bursts of fire!

It’s a breathtaking experience where the skill, precision and surprise leaves audiences open-mouthed as the performances get increasingly berserk.
Designed to thrill and not scare, it’s brilliantly hair-raising family fun with performances at family-friendly times throughout the week, including three shows on Saturday 14 July and two shows on Sunday 15 July.

Cirque Berserk! runs from 10 – 15 July at the New Theatre and tickets are available from the Box Office on (029) 2087 8889 and Bookmark the Sprout Event Listings for more great events in Cardiff.

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