Spotlight on Women: Kathleen Hanna

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Spotlight on Women is a segment of The Future Is Feminist campaign. It aims to highlight women that young people in Cardiff think are inspirational and deserve more recognition. 

This article was written by Cole, 21, from Cardiff Youth Service.

About Kathleen Hanna

Kathleen Hanna was born on 12th November 1968 in Oregon, USA.

Why is Kathleen Hanna famous?

She is famous because of her music, art, and writing for Punk zines. She is a feminist activist and pioneer of the feminist punk riot grrrl movement.

Why is Kathleen Hanna an inspiration to you?

Kathleen is an inspiration to me because of her amazing talent, spirit and her activism.

Why does Kathleen Hanna deserve more recognition?

Sadly, not many people know who she is. She uses her platform and voice to raise awareness of her struggle with Limes Disease and campaigns for trans rights.

Recognizing Kathleen – An Acrostic Poem by Cole

Kindred girls up to the front,

Activist, the work is never done,

Tenacious keeps pushing,

Hopeful, won’t stop for nothing,

Loud guitar all around,

Extreme music exercise,

Energy opens your eyes,

N is for no compromise,

Honest with them pushing her down,

Amazing angry punk rock sound,

Never giving up,

Not til the end,

Always herself.

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Photo: ALIYA NAUMOFF / The Fader

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