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Spotlight on Women is a segment of The Future Is Feminist campaign. It aims to highlight women that young people in Cardiff think are inspirational and deserve more recognition. 

This article was written by Dylan, 13, from Cardiff Youth Service.

About HalaCG  

HalaCG is known for her love of gaming and other types of geek culture by creating fan made songs on her YouTube channel. She is a singer/songwriter, rapper, composer and music producer from London. HalaCG produces a lot of her content around gaming, cartoons and anime.

Why is HalaCG famous? 

HalaCG is famous because of her music and how much work she puts into it.  

Why is HalaCG an inspiration to you? 

She works so hard to produce all her music and it must be really difficult to do! 

Why does HalaCG deserve more recognition? 

HalaCG works so hard but she isn’t really well known, so she deserves more recognition.  

Related Information

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