Review: The Girl On The Train @ Superscreen, Cineworld Cardiff

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The Girl On The Train | Superscreen | Cineworld, Cardiff | 14th October 2016

Warning: This article contains spoilers throughout.

Following the launch of 4DX in Cardiff, Cineworld Cardiff has now introduced Superscreen! The Superscreen includes a wall-to-wall screen reaching the ceiling, dual projectors giving a brighter 3D experience and multi-dimensional sound, powered by 32 amplifiers.

Upon entering the screen, my jaw dropped with awe. The bright red-coloured lights and padded seats had exceeded my expectations of the new Superscreen at Cineworld. The upgrade to the screen was definitely worth it. However, believe it or not, the film was even better than the screen.

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The film is about an unemployed train rider called Rachel, played by Emily Blunt, who rides past her old everyday and watches her ex-husband with his new wife from the window of the train. We then get a couple of flashbacks of their past together and understand why she’s an alcoholic.

During her train rides, she is particularly fond of a young woman called Megan, played by Haley Bennett. She doesn’t know that she lives three doors down but she believes that the young woman reminds her of her old self. Then, one day, Rachel sees her cheat on Scott, played by Chris Evans, the man she’s with.

The film then takes a dark turn and shows some of Rachel’s memories, such as her getting drunk and violent at a party that her ex-husband was invited to by his boss and one of Rachel holding the ex-husband’s baby outside her old house, but she leaves the baby on the ground and runs away after being seen by her “replacement”.

Due to her remembering all this from the past, she then gets drunk off her a**, hops on a train, goes to her old neighbour and then wakes up in her “rented” room with bruises and blood running down her face. The events that happened between are unclear to the audience and to Rachel herself.

The police then show up to the door and question Rachel as she was seen in the area when Megan was killed. Unfortunately for Rachel, she can’t recall what happened to her after she got off the train and is marked as a suspect.

The film turns intense as there are many suspects and even Rachel doesn’t know whether she was the murderer or not. The answer to that is incredibly surprising and made the film for me, as the completely unexpected turned out to be what happened.

The film and the screen were both excellent and I highly recommend them.

Sub-Editor’s note: We’ve put down some of the best helplines, websites and organisations for information and help relating drink and alcoholism here.

If you would like to talk to anyone about similar issues, please contact Meic, the national information, advice and advocacy helpline for 0-25s in Wales. You can contact Meic by phone (080880 23456), text (84001), instant message ( or email ( between 8am and midnight.

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