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The Bodyguard: firstly, it’s amazing. Constant, jaw-dropping moments. This musical is going to play with your emotions- you might cry and you will definitely laugh.

From costume to set, it just flowed. There are many songs in there you will know such as Queen of the Night and I Wanna Dance with Somebody. They fit in perfectly.

From the jump-start of Act One to the end, it’s amazing. The staging is like nothing I have ever seen before: it’s unique. The Bodyguard is about a famous singer who needs to be protected: she’s getting letters that threaten her life from a lover. The viewer finds out in the first act that one of their costumes has gone missing and throughout the show this costume is shown with a knife. The lead Rachel Marron, played by Alexandra Burke, falls in love with her new bodyguard and he tries to protect her from the stalker who is trying to kill her. In the show you see the stalker many times: the story is mind blowing.

The first song, Queen of the Night, is unbelievable: it’s like being in a live concert with her in a bling outfit and a wig styled to perfection. The dancers alongside Alexandra are on point. The lighting in the first number is jaw dropping, and then there’s all the fire and smoke – everything is amazing.

I went into this musical with high expectations – and it beat the expectations. The atmosphere was intense at times. Rachel’s underdog sister, Nikki Marron, played by Rosie Cava-Beale, was so good: her vocal range is perfect for this role. She befalls some tragedy later on, and the way the show handles this made this reviewer cry. It’s amazing how a show, its music and its actors can do this: they’ve done an amazing job.

At one point in the show, the fog machines filled up the stage and, along with the spotlight holding Alexandra Burke, that figure shown behind the lights was so impactful. I was gobsmacked when this happened as they got rid of it so fast and swiftly moved into another scene . The Bodyguard, the musical, is one not to miss the costumes were amazing and everyone on that stage was believable. I felt like it was real at points and I believed that throughout the show.

Josh Russell

The Bodyguard continues at the Wales Millennium Centre until 27 April.

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