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You won’t meet many people that don’t like the classic 90’s movie, Matilda. After viewing the musical, I think anyone having seen it would agree; it’s a fun, beautiful and nostalgic show that is highly recommended.

Having such a large cast of children, you’d be inclined to think a lot of things might go wrong or it may not be the most professional show out there. However, have multiple children playing the roles on different nights and what might possibly be the most talented group of youngsters I’ve ever seen perform, you’d think wrong. Far from a school play, these kids are every bit as talented as their adult counterparts.

Whilst all of these kids were incredibly talented, Scarlett Cecil completely stole the show. A beautiful voice, professional composure, brilliant acting and such a wonderful presence. Almost reminiscent of a young Emma Watson. She is definitely a name to look out for in the coming years as I’m sure she is a star that will continue to shine.

As for the adult performers, Sebastian Torkia and Craige Els brought tremendous amounts of laughter in their roles as Mr Wormwood and Miss Trunchbull respectively. Both extremely talented, especially comically, these are two people I was very excited to see live.

The set design was phenomenal, books and nods to literature everywhere, it was like a library had exploded on stage. The lighting was brilliant, helping draw the audience in a little more and the sound, helped by the phenomenal voices, was superb.

Whilst the musical deviated slightly from the original movie and didn’t tend to focus much on the magical powers of Matilda, it was an innocent and pure show, one I found very enjoyable. They added in new scenes but still kept to the original theme, even going so far as to recreate some of the more iconic scenes from the movie, referencing the Chokey more than a few times.

Overall, I can’t fault the musical and would urge anyone that is a fan of the movie to hurry up and buy their tickets now.


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