Pentwyn Youth and PCSO’s spring into action at Infinity Trampoline Park!

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On the 29th of January, Pentwyn youth club went on a trip to infinity trampoline park. We got there in a riot van we all got excited and couldn’t wait until we got in there but we had to watch a health and safety video to show us to not get hurt. They gave us socks that had grip on the bottom of the sock. It was the first time we went on a trip I thought it was fantastic and everyone enjoyed it. Thank you for taking your time to read this article.

By Kallie

(above) the whole group visiting Infinity Trampoline Park
(above) Two youth battling it out on the dual

On January 29th we went to Infinity trampoline park it was amazing. We went in a police van and the PCSOs Ben and Lee let us wear their hats and jackets. When we arrived, we were all excited and couldn’t wait to go on the trampolines. But first we had to watch a five minute video on health and safety so we didn’t hurt ourselves. The trip made people come together and make friends. We all enjoyed it and went home happy knowing that we had more friends.

By Kacey

(above) South Wales Police kindly offered their police van along with YMCA Cardiff who lent their minibus
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