Knife crime and its effects

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Knife crime today is one of the most crimes committed in the UK alone. Over 280 people were killed by a knife last year in England and Wales. If you’re caught with a knife,  it doesn’t matter if it was for your own protection or you were carrying it for someone else: you will be arrested and prosecuted.

Self protection is not a reasonable excuse for carrying an offensive weapon. If you are caught with a knife you will get a prison sentence of up to five years even if the knife is not used. One simple fact for you guys: “THERE IS NO SAFE PLACE TO STAB SOMEONE.” If you get stabbed in the heart, you can lose all of your blood in one minute. Meanwhile a wound in the arm or leg can still kill and young people have died from wounds to the leg because an artery was severed. If you get convicted for a knife crime you’ll have a criminal record sentence for over 30 months which will stay on your record for life .

What is knife crime ?

Knife crime is a criminal offence using a knife.

I am very passionate about knife crime because I have done a course on the subject and I heard about how people suffer and what happens when people die, so I am writing what i think about knife crime and hoping I can save a life.

What do i do if someone has been stabbed ?

If the knife is still in, do not take it out. This goes for all impaling injuries as the object, in this case a knife, is to some extent plugging the hole. Failing that, apply firm pressure with some absorbent material and do not keep taking it off to look at it. You may need to keep adding absorbent material, and if so put it on top of the others, don’t take them away.

In my opinion I think if there was no knives there would be better lives.

Caitlin researched this article using a number of sources including Safer Scotland’s NO KNIVES BETTER LIVES campaign. For more information on knife crime, check out NO KNIVES BETTER LIVES’ facts for young people.

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