Immigrants are human too!!

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Let’s talk immigration, I mean people are probably sick and tired of hearing the same topic being talked over and over again on the TV news, papers and social media but how many people actually realise that when the issue is being discussed that these are actual human beings?

[The following piece was written by a Sprout contributor, as is most of our website- and does not represent the views of TheSprout itself.]

The main priority of any immigration system should be to ensure people who are entitled to come, go and stay can do so safely and with as little problems as possible; and that other people that are eligible, are enabled to do the same. The immigrants that come into this country may have many reasons for leaving their homes; from fleeing conflict or trying to get a job and a better life. Whatever anyone thinks of immigration, people hoping for a new and better life should at least have a chance at one. It should be human nature to help others who are struggling yet they’re regarded as ‘unwanted trash’ which has no place here.

An approach to immigration rooted in suspicion that treats people as possible offenders, will only ever do more harm than good.  The Home Office’s inhumane and appalling policies have caused suffering to thousands of people. These decisions have stolen people of their jobs, their homes, their health, their family life, their very identity, even their lives. 

Among people who enter the country without permission or stay longer than permitted, are many that cannot be properly labelled with ‘wrongdoing’. Refugees, for example, must get to the UK before they can seek asylum. Many of them are compelled to enter without permission – and international human rights law entitles them to do so. This is necessary to guarantee their right to safety. There is no wrongdoing in a refugee crossing a border to claim asylum.

There are also children, who arrive with parents or guardians or without, some of them end up staying longer than permitted without being in any way responsible for their circumstances. These children may have little or no memory of the countries they left and may not even know that, unlike their schoolmates and friends, they are not British.

So considering the incredible sacrifices and decisions people made to come the UK, isn’t it right to treat them with the right hospitality and show a warm, loving welcome? But instead the media is filled with hatred: phrases of people posting on social media include ‘they don’t belong here’ and ‘they’re stealing our jobs’ which encourages a hostile environment, with anyone coming to the UK feeling like they don’t belong here. What, with the stress of coming to a new a place, the hate filled media and hostile environment. Refugees and asylum seekers also have to deal with the inhumane home office. The Home office is a ‘joke’ to put it lightly taking in some cases years to make a decision, refugees and asylum seekers living in poverty, not being able to work , not being able to study in higher education. It is incredible to imagine the mental torture these HUMAN BEINGS go through. 

So considering all this, we should help those who are in need and try to make their lives as easy it can for them, for these people who probably made a heavy sacrifice and choice. We should show as much love, empathy, compassion and any other word that shows that we in the UK can be welcoming and be HUMAN BEINGS.

If this has motivated and inspired you to help refugees/asylum seekers, don’t wait to get involved in a fantastic initiative by Citizens Cymru Wales in their ‘welcoming refugees campaign’; the details of which will be on their website:

For a more in depth look at immigration, read this blog from Amnesty.

The Sprout has more info about immigration, click the link below:

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