General Election Lowdown – Transport

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What are each party saying about transport?


The Conservatives have pledged £220m for bus upgrades including ‘Britain’s first-ever all-electric bus town’ and road improvements for the A66, A46, and A428.

They are planning a £25 billion investment on the strategic roads network in England and £5 billion for the full-fibre program.

They would also scrap HS2 and build a new TransPennine high-speed line.


Labour wants to bring railways back under state ownership and reverse cuts made to 3,000 bus routes.

They want to make bus transport affordable, or free, as part of their Green New Deal. This is intended to slash emissions from private diesel and petrol cars and help low-income voters.

They are considering a ban on non-electric private jets, that are doing profound damage to the climate.

The Labour Party is planning to invest £250 billion in the UK’s infrastructure through a new National Transformation Fund over the next 10 years.

They support HS2 and have pledged to complete the line from London, through Birmingham, to Leeds and Manchester and then into Scotland.

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Liberal Democrats

The Liberal Democrats are campaigning for the expansion of electric car use, easier use of green transport inc. cycling and public transport

They are committed to passing a Zero Carbon Britain Act to set new legally binding targets for cutting net UK greenhouse gas emissions to zero. They also want to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars and small vans in the UK by 2030 and introduce ultra-low emission zones to ten more towns and cities.

It’s completely up to you the way that you vote, this election affects everyone’s future, and your vote counts. Come back for more on the General Election including how each party is dealing with education, healthcare and more.

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