Free and Cheap things to do in Cardiff: 14-20 March

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Barring a few April showers, the sun is coming out from now on, the weather’s going to be great. It’s time to start getting out more!

The best news this week comes from the BBC. BBC Three, which has always been the place to go for young adults on the Beeb as long as I can remember, is now going to have its programmes shown on BBC One on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights. So for those nights when there’s nothing on, at least you can watch some decent telly, right? (Not that it’s not all online anyway…)


Wales face down Ireland in probably the best Six Nations game. Apparently if Wales win they get the Grand Slam, because they’ve done amazingly this time round. My thoughts are summed up by this meme from Ireland Simpsons Fans.

The big game kicks off at 2:45pm on Saturday, at our very own Principality Stadium. So if you’re into rugby it’s your big weekend, if not it’s going to be extremely busy so avoid the city centre, every pub, and all public transport. So basically I hope you are into rugby or you’re gonna have a bad time.


Friend of the Sprout, local AM Vaughan Gething, is sponsoring an exhibition at the Senedd entitled Mothers of Africa. This photographic exhibition promises to be a fascinating look at African women’s history. Click here for info on the Senedd site.


Better a kids’ climate strike than the first strike of severe weather, I guess?

Kids across Wales will be striking for climate from 10am. They’ll be marching out of school, hopping on the public transport and heading down the Senedd. It’s about time too, I say. If you’re 10 years old today, by the time you’re my age, it will be too late to do anything about rapidly advancing climate change. Put pressure on the Welsh Government to show that even if you’re under 16, you’re still a participant in democratic process, and that you care about your future! Tag your mates on the Facebook event.

Dominika Rau (You may have seen her Radio Platfform show hosted alongside Strangetown) is hosting a new sexual harassment based performing arts project. She’s looking for young people of all genders to come along and get involved. We’ve posted more about it in the Sprout events section. 


The aforementioned rugby is on, which means there will be little free nor cheap to be found in Cardiff this Saturday. If you do still want to get out, though…

Techniquest may be the place to go. It’s the British Science weekend and they’ve got everything: robots and rocketry right through to maggot racing! Eww. Check out all the events, which are on all weekend, on Facebook. 

Or get out of town to Caerphilly Castle, where you can join in their now-regular Saturday morning “castle gym” sessions. More info on Cadw.

Local singing talents Francesca and Cosmo are doing another joint gig. This time it’s at The Cottage, which is news to me but apparently it is in Splott. The gig is from half 8 onwards, and entry is free! more info on the Facebook event.


The best named event of the year, it has to be. It’s YSTRADIVARIUS, a free concert on at St Teilo’s church in Cathays, just across the road from where I lived as a student. This brilliantly named concert celebrates the 70th birthday of organ builder Peter Hindmarsh. The grand doors open at half past 3 in the afternoon. More info on Mark Zuckerberg’s Book of Faces. 


Put your head above the waves with this event from Heads Above the Waves, where there will be poetry in aid of the mental health awareness charity. It’s £3 to get in.



It’s the craziest time of the year over at Cardiff University. Students will be starting off on their annual Jailbreak event, where they have to beg, hustle and hitch-hike their way to… well, anywhere that’s not Cardiff, basically. Some people rustle the money together for a bus to Wexford, whereas some call in some favours and sleep on a beach in Cyprus before heading back to Blighty in time for the deadline. Facebook / CardiffStudents.


It’s your chance to catch Paul McCaffrey at Glee Club. Read Becca’s interview with Paul here. Get tickets on the Glee website. (£12)

Or you can see a whole load of comedians at the Sherman Theatre’s monthly Comedy Club for £12 or £9 if you book in advance. 

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